Back in 2006 we had a neighbor with an overabundance of blackberries. My husband actually offered to take them off of her hands leaving me wondering what on earth to do with all of these berries. I knew I had many family recipes and I could remember as a small child watching my Bigmama make jams and jellies. Farming and canning were such a big part of our lives growing up in Georgia. So we went to work making batch after batch of the best blackberry jam.  Our cupboards were full of jam. Pretty soon I decided to give jars away to anyone that would take one…neighbors, teachers, family, and friends. Not long after, we were getting request for different fruit jams. Our family, consisting of my husband, myself and three kids started picking local fruit trees and bushes and harvesting berries from the wild using all of it to make the best jams, jellies, marmalades and syrups around. Each small batch is handmade using only natural products, no preservatives, no corn syrup. Just fresh ripened fruit and pure cane sugar! Simple, sweet and delicious.

We have been a main stable at the Clark Fork River Market in Missoula for many years now and have been selling online. And now we are proud to say that our products are available at many local stores in Missoula, Montana and surrounding areas.

Mama’s Pantry llc 
21350 US Highway 10 East, Clinton, MT 59825
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